Dawn Chorus Walk – An Amazing Day

It’s been a long day after our 3:30am start, but our dawn chorus walk has been another great success. This is mainly because of the birding phenomenon known as Graham Clarkson who we are lucky enough to have as one of our members. I now know the difference between a Blackbird song and a Song Thrush song (don’t ask me in a week though).

Watching a Curlew call as it floated across the Low Meadows through the sunshine of a perfect Summer’s morning was an emotional and uplifting experience that will stay etched in my memory forever. Days don’t get much better than this.

After the walk we headed back to the farm for an egg and sausage barm breakfast, cooked and eaten al fresco.

Jane and I spent the rest of the day sat under a parasol sowing seeds in modules and soil blocks. It’s as close as you get to a day off at this time of year.

Thanks to all our brilliant members and visitors who made it such a special day.

Neil Hickson, Burscough Community Farm