Burscough Community Cycle Group

Starting soon, Burscough Community Cycling Group.

Cycling at high speed in Lycra is not the only way to use a bicycle.

We want to start a local cycling group for those who have other reasons for getting on their bike. You could use your bike to commute, go out to buy groceries or simply a great way to get out there in the countryside for some fresh air and exercise.

Perhaps you do these things already and could share your knowledge and experience with others.

We want to start a friendly cycling group that can meet up for community rides and offer support and guidance for those who would like to get more use out of their bike. We can hold advice sessions on things like roadside repairs, bike fit and how to carry stuff safely on your bike. We have the support of our local bike shop, Jack Parker Cycles.

So if you want to get involved, send me an email to livingcycle or come to our first meeting at 5:30pm, Wednesday 3rd August at Burscough Community Farm, Meadow Lane, Burscough, L40 4BB (http://burscoughcommunityfarm.org/location/).

Thanks, Neil Hickson.