Small Mammal Survey 2016 at Burscough Community Farm

If you love wildlife please join us this coming Sunday morning (2nd October) at Burscough Community Farm.

Alan Bedford and his wife Hilary will be conducting a small mammal survey on the field. It will be really interesting to see how the population has fared since the last survey they did in 2015. That one took place before the Boxing Day flood.

All the mice, shrews and voles are captured in special safe traps, held for a few hours and then released after being identified, sexed and weighed. Alan has studied and recorded the data from such surveys in and around this area for many years now and has built up a large database of information. Data on small mammals can tell us a great amount about the diversity and health of an ecosystem.

Come along to the field at 8:30am on Sunday to take part.

As a special bonus Ron Boyes will be setting up a Moth trap on the Saturday evening which will also be emptied on Sunday morning. If the weather is good and there are moths around on Saturday evening, Ron will be setting up a white sheet with a light to name some of the moths flying at that time.

You can find our location here.