Why Are We Here?

Starting a small scale food growing project like ours off the ground is tough. It is sometimes hard to make the economics work and it’s physically demanding.

So, why are we doing it, ‘why are we here?’

We are working on a community growing project because:

• This kind of food growing is better for the environment.
• It is environmentally sustainable.
• Giving areas over to wildlife gives space for biodiversity and helps our plants to thrive.
• We want our children and grandchildren to enjoy and learn about nature.
• People should know how and have the opportunity to grow their own food.
• We don’t want to eat herbicides and pesticides.
• Increasing industrialisation of agriculture is harming out planet and decimating many species of wildlife.
• Growing food by hand keeps us happy, fit and strong.
• 70% of the worlds population gets its food from small scale farmers – we think you should have that opportunity.

There are loads of other reasons I can’t remember as I sit here at the breakfast table, but the above is enough to get me out of bed this morning and make me want to get down to the field and get stuck in.

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