*Public Service Announcement*

There have been recent sightings of a March Hare at the farm this week!

Farm goers are being advised to approach with caution as the Hare appears slightly stressed.

Bryan Irving, a member of Burscough Community Farm, was over by the polytunnel yesterday when he spotted what appeared to be two big furry ears sticking out over the hill. His initial thoughts were confirmed later that day when farm owner, Neil Hickson, managed to capture a few images of the Hare. One farm goer said he appeared in a rush, and overheard him speaking about the arrival of spring.

If you have any more information or happen to see the Hare himself please get in touch! Our sources say he is planning on making an appearance at this Sunday’s Sowing Seeds performance!

To find out more about Sundays performance and to book your free place click here.