Annual General Meeting 2018

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Our Winter Solstice Celebration 2017 with Ragged Trousers

Our Winter Solstice Celebration 2017 with Ragged Trousers Our Winter Solstice Celebration event this year will be a ‘Jacob’s Join’ buffet with some great entertainment thrown in. It will be held at Burscough Cricket Club on Thursday 21st December 2017 at 6.30pm. For members who don’t originate from this ‘neck of the woods’, a … Read more

Samhain Review

Our Samhain event turned out to be quite spectacular. The day started with us all being taught to make willow lanterns by artist, Becky. It was satisfying to know that all the lanterns made from our willow, grown on the field. If there are any willow lantern makers out there, please take note, we are … Read more

Samhain Event 2017

  Come join us at the farm on Saturday the 28th October for a FREE day of crafting, festivities and eats as we mark the end of the growing season with our 3rd annual Samhain event; SAMHAIN 2017! Samhain (pronounced SAH-win) is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker … Read more

National C.S.A. Day – 1st October 2017

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Grow, Cook and Eat Your Way To A Better Life – A Talk

I have been asked to give a presentation for a new project being run by Burscough Hub Group. The Hub have previously run a project to help people gain access to the internet. The new project wants to tackle the issue of loneliness and its negative effect on our health and wellbeing. The Burscough Hub Group wants to … Read more

All We Are Saying… come see our farm.

Let’s just say that food is important to us at Burscough Community Farm. Eating good food is a pretty big incentive to growing it as far as I am concerned. It’s a good job that earning money isn’t at the top of the list of reasons why we do it. Seeing what someone else can … Read more

How Long Is The Growing Season?

Seasonality or eating fruit and vegetables within the season that we can grow them here in the UK is something that many people have lost touch with. Go into any Supermarket and the shelves are full with whatever you want. Strawberries in January, no problem, Courgettes in March, no problem. Well there is a problem … Read more