Food is essential to all of us, and sharing is an ethos of our farm. Recipes are the celebration of what we grow, do you have one you want to share?

We all have a favourite recipe that is a real hit with our family and that we cook over and over again. Sometimes they are handed down from a family member and deserve to live on. Do you feel like sharing it with us?

Perhaps your favourite recipe has a story behind it, you were handed it down on the back of an envelope from a friend. Maybe you adapted it from something you saw in a magazine or even invented your self.

Being involved in growing food we know that ‘gluts’ happen. Dealing with too much of a crop can be hard work. You don’t want that fantastic gift from nature to be wasted, but how do you keep the family interested in eating the same old thing? Reaching out for a new recipe can get you over this problem.

We want our community to take on the spirit of sharing, so if you have a recipe that you want to share then here is the place that you can do it.

Please fill in the form below and we will feature it in a future blog post or newsletter and let our community share in what you enjoy eating.

When you have uploaded your recipe, send us a picture of the finished dish to

(If you have your recipe already written up on your phone or computer, rather than re-type it again, you can always email it to the above email address).

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