Student Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities for Students at Burscough Community Farm

There are plenty of opportunities for students to gain worthwhile experience by volunteering at Burscough Community Farm.  These placements offer students experience that enhances their career prospects in the future.  Formal Volunteer Days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday

Organic Growing

Current Opportunities: Market Garden Volunteer

Description: Get hands-on experience with growing and maintaining an organic market garden. Work alongside other volunteers. Opportunities are seasonal from sowing seeds, planting out seedlings, harvesting and winter gardening in our polytunnel in addition to the overall care of different areas in the field from veg to fruit trees and more all with a sustainable ethos. Volunteer days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Wildlife Surveys

Current Opportunities: Research and Fieldwork

Description: You are welcome to conduct your own project in your area of interest to help us document the variety of flora and fauna at the field. Natural wildlife on our field has been increasing rapidly since our inception in 2014 with our sustainable and ecological ethos. Previously, the farm was a standard mixed agriculture field.

Creativity and Performance

Current Opportunities: Facilitator / Artist / Performing artist

Description: Help facilitate arts-based events at the farm for the local community. Range from hands-on crafts to performing arts. Learn and teach new crafts yourself. Events are for varying ages.

Grant Writing

Current Opportunities: Fundraiser

Description: Get hands-on experience writing grants for a growing organisation with a history of already receiving some funding. Burscough Community Farm offers many opportunities for the local community in the areas of health and wellbeing, as an environmental steward for the local wildlife, as a hub for social gatherings for all ages and as a place for educational courses and events. The potential for future opportunities.


Current Opportunities: Business Manager of a Flagship Project

Description: Oversee the creation of a new small business venture selling organic veg boxes at Edge Hill. Position requires a good level of creative independence. Includes hands-on experience in generation and distribution of advertising, communications, and management of a successful follow through. The potential for future opportunities.

Film and Media

Current Opportunities: Website Design, Film/video maker

Description: Get hands-on experience creating a video for a crowdfunding bid to get a large scale wigwam for the farm for community events. The success of a crowdfunding bid often depends on the quality of the video created for it.

Description: Help streamline and design a website with a number of features including product sales, live updates and as a point of contact for interested and new clients.