Try A Veg Box


Our 2017 veg box season is now opening!

If you would like to order one of our veg boxes just fill in the form below. We harvest and make up the boxes on Monday’s and Thursday’s. Decide the day you want to buy it and let us know by the night before so we can process things for you.

We are a membership organisation who want to meet lots of aims other than growing food. preserving wildlife, educating new growers, social and therapeutic horticulture are all things that we do. Membership fees pay for seeds, compost and insurance, vital things that support our project.

Assuming that you like the food that we produce, and just as importantly, the way that we produce it, we would like you to become members in the future. The £30 per household annual fee helps keep our veg box prices low. Just try our veg boxes for now though, you can buy two before becoming a member.

Most people come to the farm to pick up their veg boxes (it’s a good excuse to get some fresh air and look at the chickens), but we can deliver within a 5 mile radius for £1.50. Let us know what you want to do on the form. The boxes are normally ready by 1pm and someone is at the farm until 5:30pm. If you want to pick up later than this we are in the process of setting up a pickup point so you can come and pick your box up later.

Please note, if you want to order a veg box, please do so the day before your harvest date to give us time to process your order.

If you have any other questions or instructions, just put them on the form below and click the submit button.


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